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Larie: old graphic stuff

This page is primarily intended for my international 3D graphics fellows. Click on a thumbnail to view that image full size.

Blues_2D "The Blues" was painted, in water color I think, in 1991 or 1992. It is a rough representation of the neck of a guitar, with fingers bending the strings, a characteristic of that music. The text "Play me the blues" was added to the scanned image. I have printed it onto a T-shirt. I felt like taking the idea into 3D:

Blues_3D This 1992 version consists of four layers of triplex and a piece of thread.

landschap In 1991..92 I also painted using pastels. I can't remember how I got this idea... (You may have to zoom out to see the full-size picture.)

papa Aother 1992 pastel. The black thing bottom left is a notification of death...

Loch Ness In 1996 I bought my first pressure-sensitive graphic tablet, a Wacom ArtPad II. Here I had traced a pen drawing from the book "In search of lake monsters" by Peter Costello, connected lines and filled the object. I then placed Nessie in an environment that had been inspired by the book.

steen This is basically a Corel Draw brick texture. I have painted some plant in a dip, and some beetle on its way there.

Het_Twiske I enjoyed taking my inflatable canoe on my bike to Het Twiske,a nearby recreational area (just north of Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Actually, getting there (and back) was far less than half the fun, but the land does appeal more from the water! I painted this in 1996, inspired by memory.

Twske_foto In 1998 I happened to find a corresponding spot there. The photograph is taken from a very low bridge.

9697 "9697" is the title page of my 1996/97 Season's Greetings. It is quite a mix of symbols. The moon (with its fountain fill), the basic waves and the ship were created in Corel Draw. I remember copying the lights along the ropes. The (intended) glare of the navigation lights, the clouds, and the foam and "texture" of the water and the boat were added in Corel PhotoPaint using the tablet. Looking back at it, I like the picture even more.

Wawa Back in 1991/92 I had also replicated this triplex elephant. (I would have swapped the legs...) This picture stems from a flatbed scanner. I have named it Wawa, after an elephant Wawwa in a children's book.

Wawa_in_bad Like Nessie, Wawa got traced. This 1995 picture is in Corel Draw.

AzraŽl & Wawa Wawa even made into a 2D morph! Again in 1995, he joins my cat AzraŽl in washing the dishes.

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